Episode 7: Earthbound Pt. 1


Wassup y’all. I was SO hyped to play through Earthbound, having been recommended it for so many years by so many different people. I never really grasped what was the draw of it, having only ever experienced the game through Super Smash Bros. Normal looking kid, aliens attack, simple SNES-era RPG that didn’t perform as successfully as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Big deal, right?

Boy howdy was I wrong. What a wild ride this game is. The music, the environments, the progression of the story, but most importantly, the writing. Some of the lines in this game had me busting up at their absurdity, while also being genuinely clever and funny. Ahead of its time for certain. But if I had to boil down the game to only one word, it would unequivocally be “endearing.” Everything about it is so welcoming and comfortable, like playing with childhood friends and going on an adventure together. I couldn’t recommend this one enough. Hope you enjoyed!

*note: All songs are by a group of composers – Akio Ohmori, Ritsuo Kamimura, Keiichi Suzuki, and Hirokazu Tanaka*

Title Screen

Opening Credits

Your Name, Please 

Buzz Buzz’s Prophecy

Otherworldly Foe

Sunrise & Onett’s Theme

What a Great Picture!

Buy Somethin’ Will Ya!

Enjoy Your Stay!


Battle Against a Weird Opponent

Battle Against a Mobile Opponent


Paula’s Theme

Boy Meets Girl

Happy-Happy is Blue

Runaway Five

Dead-End Chaos Theatre

Runaway Five On the Move!

Heartless Hotel


You’ve Come Far, Ness

Super Dry Dance



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