Episode 9: Shadow of the Colossus


Wassup y’all! Here is the playlist from 8/17/18’s episode, where we were lucky enough to host a couple of outstanding new guests to the program. DJ SparSpar (aka DJ Spartacus of Indie Gladiator on KUCI, Tuesdays 2-4PM) and Mr. Jon’s Ghost joined us to discuss one of the most beloved critically-acclaimed classics from the PS2 era, Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus. Even more special for this episode is that SparSpar brought his personal copy of the recently released vinyl edition of the soundtrack! Believe you me, this was one helluvan episode to hear the music. If you don’t have a vinyl copy yourself, I’d implore you to check out iam8bit and see about snagging a copy before they disappear.

Click here to buy the outstanding release and support the original composer/team!

Regarding the game itself, my history began in 2008ish when I attempted to play the PS3 remaster. Though I could tell this was a really special experience, I couldn’t get farther than the first 3 colossi because of that atrocious control scheme. But with the recent remake from Bluepoint Games, I was SO much more willing to get through the tricky camera issues and controls. The fact they included a photo mode with this one should tell you something about the visual quality of this game: every scene, you could pause and it would look like something out of a movie or found on an art print. It is INSANELY gorgeous, especially for a PS4 game, and I can’t recommend this one enough at the very least for a watch. It’s a quick experience, about 6-8 hours depending on if you get stuck on the final 3 colossi like I did, and so worth your time.

And just take a peek at that soundtrack! Holy balls, it is as groundshaking as the enemies you face throughout the game. Hope you enjoyed the episode and thanks as always for tuning in!

All songs by composer Kow Otani. Some song names changed for the PS4 remaster.

Prologue To The Ancient Land

Forbidden Arts


Black Blood

Sign of the Colossus

Grotesque Figures

A Path Opened

Verdant Hills

Violent Encounter

Revived Power


In Awe of Power

Wander’s Death

A Herald From Behind


Sealed City

Guardian Unleashed

Farewell to Despair

Warden of the Ruins


Collapsing Idol

First Sign of Revival

Augury of Rebirth


Sun-Blessed Lands

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