Episode 14: Doom (2016)


Aww HELL yeah. This was among my favorite episodes we’ve done so far. Big shoutout to McKnowledge for joining us this evening all the way from New York state via cellular device. He was gracious enough to grant us his wisdom on the Doom series, having been a grizzled veteran for many years. And as of this posting, it has been confirmed he cleared Nightmare mode after airtime, so WHEW. Next up, Ultra-Nightmare? 😛

We were pretty light on music this time due to how much discussion there was, so my apologies to those looking for all the badass music. I assure you, Spotify/Google Play Music has got your back, should you ever feel the craving to slay some demons IRL. Really though, look up Mick Gordon’s work on this, and especially watch the Youtube videos on Behind the Music. You can find those HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2).

Thanks as always and see ya next week for more!

Mick Gordon – I. Dogma – Doom Original Soundtrack

Mick Gordon – Rip & Tear – Doom Original Soundtrack

Mick Gordon – At Doom’s Gate – Doom Original Soundtrack

Mick Gordon – Hellwalker – Doom Original Soundtrack

Mick Gordon – BFG Division – Doom Original Soundtrack

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