Episode 15: Overcooked 2


Hey friends! I decided to close out our first quarter on air with a fun, multiplayer couch co-op title in the form of Overcooked 2. Released just a couple months ago, it takes the concept of the original Overcooked and really brings a bunch more solid levels to the table (oh ho ho ho).

Though there were some issues I had with the game (listen to the full discussion, soon to be uploaded!), overall it was a fun experience and just what I would have liked from the sequel. Unfortunately they released the DLC and update with 4-star challenges like ONE DAY after the episode aired, so I couldn’t touch on that, but I will say this: 4-star challenges are more difficult than you’re probably going to be able to pull off. Godspeed, you fledgling chef.

Hope you enjoyed the chiptune-centric playlist this week! Make sure to support all the artists by checking out their respective Bandcamp pages and giving them a couple bucks if you dig their tracks.

*** denotes new releases

*** Knasibas – Don’t Dance – Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7

*** dachampster & JANX – MASTER OF WINDMILLS – Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7

*** Defense Mechanism & Shortee – Chipwrecked – Chipwrecked Collaborations 2018

*** KEYGEN CHURCH – Duhicebdo ed varicecag parvabiguf – ░ ▒ ▓ █

Crab Sound – Alcoholic Creature – Data.creatures

*** Dya – Adamantium (Dya’s Tropical Barrage Remix) – Fall Damage

*** Zackery Wilson – SnOklahoma – Chip Off the Old Block (2007 – 2017)

Ansonix – The Story Begins – Ready For Battle (EP)

Ansonix – Battleground – Ready For Battle (EP)

*** boacontructor – RAINIER DUB – WINDS OF NULL

*** Pitfall – Warp Star – Tracked X ChipWIN #007

*** Purely Grey – Pillow Fight – Slumber Party With Ghosts

Azureflux – Calculator Jam – Texas Instruments

*** Jakk – Dancing With Hobbits – Tracked X ChipWIN #007

*** Kubbi – Apogee – Tracked X ChipWIN #007

Trash80 – Theia – Theia

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