Episode 20: Chiptune Hiatus #1

So begins the first instance of UCI Sports broadcasts taking over the majority of the program. Alas, even if we only had a brief 45 minute program, hopefully the solid chip music helped satiate your need for the nerdyness. Bunches of good stuff in here, so click the links to download/stream the tracks directly from … Continue reading Episode 20: Chiptune Hiatus #1

Episode 19: Outlast

LISTEN TO THE FULL SHOW (sans music) HERE! The end of Spooktober brought us one helluva romp through a not-so-abandoned mental hospital. Outlast was one of the most popular and effective First-Person Survival games to come out in the past 8 years since Amnesia: The Dark Descent, arguably the granpappy of the genre. I (somehow) … Continue reading Episode 19: Outlast

Episode 18: Castlevania III/Super MadNES

LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW WITH SUPER MADNES HERE!! Hey all! I'm workin' on catching up to all the episodes I've been lagging (haha...) on, so please bear with! Here's the third episode of our First Annual Spooktober, spent discussing the rather challenging (sometimes frustratingly so) Castlevania III. It's quite different from your traditional Castlevania … Continue reading Episode 18: Castlevania III/Super MadNES