Episode 20: Chiptune Hiatus #1

So begins the first instance of UCI Sports broadcasts taking over the majority of the program. Alas, even if we only had a brief 45 minute program, hopefully the solid chip music helped satiate your need for the nerdyness. Bunches of good stuff in here, so click the links to download/stream the tracks directly from the artists! Thanks as always for tuning in.

Photo by Dids

*** denotes new release

CarboHydroM – Milky Way Train – Bundle of WIN

*** Zantilla – Maggie vs. The Stone Giants – Single

*** Ca5 – Spring Fever – Seasons

Pawel Osmolski – Northern Cross – Space Explorer Ruins

*** Starving GOGO – Oro Invictus – Ozymandias

bit.umen – Braggadocio – Paradoxical Undressing

HarleyLikesMusic – Off Your Trolley (NNNNNNNNN Remix) – Game Changer

*** Imaginary – Lonely Idiot – Lonely Idiot

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