Episode 21: Chiptune Hiatus #2

Hey all! So for Chiptune Hiatus #2, we were supposed to have a preempted show, but were surprised just one day prior that NOPE! We've got a full-length episode instead. Since I was working on the upcoming episode's game at the time, we just extended the chip-love to 2 hours. Hope you enjoyed! Make sure … Continue reading Episode 21: Chiptune Hiatus #2

Magic: The Gathering Concepts & Legends Review

Absolutely anything can happen in a quarter of a century. Just in the past 25 years alone, companies like Pixar, Apple, and most recently Adidas have seen their success launch into the stratosphere. Meanwhile, Borders, Toys-R-Us, and Sears are either on their way out, shuttered the doors on their physical locations, or closed up shop completely.   Back … Continue reading Magic: The Gathering Concepts & Legends Review