Episode 24: Chiptune Hiatus #3

Once more, UCI Basketball had a broadcast during our timeslot, and thus, we got the boot. Sadface, I know. However, I made sure to bring along some chip-tunes (see what I did there?) so y’all wouldn’t be left out in the cold this week. Peep the tracklist below!

*** denotes new release

Solarbear – See You Later, Emaciator! – Boner Machine

Hypnogram – Lavender Traveler – Eye

*** LukHash – CYBERNINJA – Single

Immortan – Sing The Body (En F.O.I. Remix)

*** Impulses – Intro – L I \_/ E EP

*** Impulses – Helical – L I \_/ E EP

chibi-tech – The St. Helens Lobotomy Incident – Psycho Somatic Generation

*** Starving GOGO – Falling Over in Public – Ozymandias

Nanode – Nova – Voyager

*** Breakbeat Heartbeat – i n _ l o v e – i’ll never be this happy again

*** osa – Seriel Temperatures of Silent Gods – Saturation Discharge

rakohus – Bob-omb Battlefield – Another Castle

insaneintherainmusic ft. TeraCMusic – Lavendar Town (Jazz Remix) – Single

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