Episode 25: Chiptune Hiatus #4

December 14th brought us another episode, but this time it was originally intended to be a full one. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to totally pivot out of the game we were going to cover and instead jump into some fun chiptune tracks. Hopefully this wasn’t terribly disappointing, especially since much of the playlist was filled with super fresh releases. Don’t forget to click on the tracks below and support the artists directly from their Bandcamp pages. They most certainly deserve your attention!

And a special shoutout to President Hoodie and the whole ChipWIN community for putting out another outstanding compilation release. Can’t wait for the next!

*** denotes new release

*** Mega Ran – Sumimasen (feat. Alfred Banks) – The Visitor

DJ Roborob – Unpause (feat. Prof. Shyguy) -Triforce Tour: Triforce Collected

Nullsleep – Salvation for a Broken Heart – Unconditional Acceleration

*** koi – home for the winter – ChipWINter Wilderness

*** Dimeback – Snow Cone Heaven – ChipWINter Wilderness

*** HangOnGetReady – Borealis – ChipWINter Wilderness

*** CarboHydroM – A Jig For Lady Tempest – ChipWINter Wilderness

*** toasterpastries – Sanctuary – ChipWINter Wilderness

*** Knasibas – Midnight – Midnight Single

*** Defense Mechanism – Illumin8 – Sunburst

*** Blood Code featuring Wishlyst – Take Me Home (Graz Remix) – Single

*** Mitch Murder – The Raid – Hardwired

*** CNSTLLTNS – Omnitropolis – Dixie Flatline

*** Perturbator – Shock Doctrine (Reznyck) – B-Sides and Remixes, Vol. 1

Elliott Berlin – Musikk per automatikk – Hotline Miami OST

M O O N – Hydrogen – Hotline Miami OST

*** Snesei – Unity – Digression

exnfox – Part Three – The 8bit Journey

Starscream – 05.10.2094 – Future, Towards the Edge of Forever

Zanate – Forget-me-not – Stray Dogs

Ahleuchatistas – Bad Dudes – Power Up!

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