The Future of LAG Radio

Hey everyone!
So first off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has come on the show, listened to the show, checked out the website, helped pass the word along to friends, and everything. Genuinely, I am so grateful for all your support, and you all keep me consistent throughout the weeks.
As for the future of LAG, we have a bit of a change coming starting next quarter. First off, we’ve been renewed for Spring, and we’re back to being on the air every Wednesday 6-8PM PST. So look for us here, without fail, week in and week out.
But the big change is as follows. For the past 7 or 8 months, we’ve been this hybrid music and talk show, where we talk about a different video game every episode, going over the history and development cycle, story, gameplay elements, and also supplement that hour or so of music straight from that game’s soundtrack. I’ve decided, along with my fellow regular LAG guests, that we will be shifting the talk portion of the show off KUCI airwaves, to help craft a more focused, quality program, and have the complete freedom to do whatever we want with the show.
So the future of LAG Radio is this: We will continue to play amazing tracks by video game music composers, chiptune artists, and any band influenced or influencing the video game industry. We love all that nerdy stuff and it all deserves attention on the airwaves. I’ll continue to interview artists and get their perspectives on the video game music industry, posting the interviews online along with the playlists every week and links to their respective Bandcamps, Soundclouds, and what have you.
As for the talk portion, you’ll be able to follow the LAG crew to our new venture on an upcoming website not yet launched. Fear not, the site is steadily baking in the oven and I’ll ring that dinner bell once it’s done.
Basically we are building a hub of content for Patient Gamers, the community of folks who don’t really buy brand new games but instead get games on sale super cheap and usually just accumulate a big ol’ backlog they never get around to playing. This is how LAG Radio got its start, as I’ve been able to work through over 30 games in my own backlog as a result of what we’ve done here. We’ll have weekly articles online, opinion pieces on the game industry, and of course hope to eventually interview developers to discuss game design and philosophy as well. I’ll be rebooting the Twitch channel and sharing it alongside my fellow LAG friends of Alex, Henry, Brandon, and newcomer Erick, streaming weekly content ranging from Magic the Gathering, as I used to do, indie games, rogue-likes, AAA-titles, retro games, and total obscurities. Finally, we’ll have that podcast under a new name you can follow on your favorite podcast platform of choice, be it iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, or otherwise. This is to try and make it easier for you to listen to the show wherever you are, regularly. The format will be the same, a different video game every episode, just without any of the music elements we are used to having here.
I sincerely hope this sounds interesting to you all, and if not, you’re still welcome to check it out anytime, or just tune in here to KUCI to get those delicious tunes streamed right to your ears.
Again, thank you everyone for listening to me, Marmar tha Midboss, here at KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine.
This is, was, and will continue to be LAG Radio.

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