Episode 39: Amplitude (2016)

YOOOO! Long time no see my friends and followers. I have a lot of catching up to do, having returned from a lengthy vacation in Japan and South Korea. Please allow me to clog up your mindspace with a veritable cornucopia of playlist posts.

This episode we covered the remake to one of my absolute favorite music-rhythm games. Amplitude (and Frequency before it) for the PS2 was where I really refined what skill I’ve got for the genre nowadays, surfing along to wild remixes and original compositions by artists like Blink-182, Slipknot, Dielselboy, Freezepop, and Harmonix’s in-house squad of musicians. Well before the days of Guitar Hero and Rock Band were these fascinating titles that struck a chord (haha) with the slowly growing but devoted following of music-rhythm games in America. The originals are very much still worth tracking down if you can find them, and this remake/reinterpretation with 30 new songs is a worthy successor as well.

Hope you enjoyed!

Note: The Amplitude soundtrack is not available online for purchase, so I have linked to a YouTube video containing the songs. Timestamps for specific tracks are in the description. Sorry for the trouble!

*** denotes new release

Harmonix Music Systems – Perfect Brain – Amplitude Soundtrack

Harmonix Music Systems – Dreamer – Amplitude Soundtrack

James Landino feat. Noelle Leblanc – Break For Me – Amplitude Soundtrack

Harmonix Music Systems – I.C.U. – Amplitude Soundtrack

Intersect ft. Noelle Leblanc & Naoko Takamoto – Decode Me – Amplitude Soundtrack

Harmonix Music Systems – Human Love – Amplitude Soundtrack

Jeff Allen ft. Naoko Takamoto – Superspatial – Amplitude Soundtrack

Harmonix Music Systems – Digital Paralysis – Amplitude Soundtrack

Harmonix Music Systems – Energize – Amplitude Soundtrack

Inter:sect ft. Noelle Leblank & Naoko Takamoto – Amplitude Soundtrack

Harmonix Music Systems – Dalatecht – Amplitude Soundtrack

Danny Baranowsky – Crypteque (1-2) – Amplitude Soundtrack

Darren Korb – Impossible – Amplitude Soundtrack

Freezepop – Phantoms – Amplitude Soundtrack

Symbion Project – Synthesized (Amplitude Mix) – Amplitude Soundtrack

George & Jonathan – Crystal – Amplitude Soundtrack

*** SKYBRARY – Dog Days – Single

*** Knasibas – Lost In Quotation – Filler

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