Episode 40: Yakuza 0

Naturally I would play a soundtrack fitting for the last show I’d host before visiting Japan.

Have any of you played the Yakuza games before and/or visited Japan? I have really been enjoying my time spent just wandering the alleyways of the city, both in-person and in-game. It makes you feel like you could come across some hidden gem of an establishment or intense storyline at any given moment. The music they constructed for this one is superb 80s nostalgia too, and really helps sell the vibe they were going for. This is my first foray into the Yakuza series, and I foresee myself spending many more hours playing various minigames and indulging in numerous sidequest plots in the future.

Hope you enjoyed!

Note: I could not find a place to purchase the Yakuza 0 soundtrack, so I’ve linked a YouTube playlist to the tracks. Sorry for the trouble!

*** denotes new release

Shounanno Kaze – Bubble – Single

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – Force Addiction – Yakuza 0 Original Soundtrack: Side A

SEGA/ZENTA – Debt Cleanup


SEGA/Flarewave Yoshiji Kobayashi – Money Makes Money

SEGA/ZENTA – Trouble Shooting Star

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – Fatal Conflict

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – Receive You ~Tech Trance Arrange~

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – Customer Creed

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – One-Eyed Slugger

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – One-Eyed Assassin

SEGA/Saori Yoshida (Hidenori Shoji) – TAKUMI 1988 

SEGA/Saori Yoshida/Mari Yoshida (TEMPEST STUDIO) – Cabaret Sunshine -Fake Love

SEGA/Saori Yoshida/Mio (castledoor) – As You Like


SEGA/ZENTA – Interplanetary Spark

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – Wounded Hound

SEGA/Hidenori Shoj – tusk

SEGA/Wall5 (Ogawa Sachio) – For Buddy

SEGA/Hidenori Shoji – Archnemesis

Hypnogram – Xally – Eye

*** Lateralis – Outer Rim – .netmother

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