Episode 57: Chiptune Hiatus #5

Hello hello again everyone! This week on the show we decided to mix it up and not specify a game soundtrack to cover. I wanted to take the time to spotlight some recently newly released chip tracks while also giving appropriate coverage to older tracks we haven’t featured before. Hope you enjoyed! As usual, click the links below to reach each artist’s Bandcamp page (if available) and support them directly.

Picture credit: BlindSilence (DesktopHut)

*** denotes new release

Knight of the Round – Radiant Purgatory (FFVII – Gold Saucer) – Fate’s Delusion

Super MadNES – Mad Forest (Castlevania III) – Gothic Warriors

VRUMZSSSR – MyHeroDie – HERO (Live)

bit.umen – Fermo restando – Paradoxical Undressing

Starving GOGO – Sisyphus – Ozymandias

Imaginary – Incriminating Sunburn/Saltwater Shuffle – Lonely Idiot

Ganondorofu – black hopes – Black Hopes of Yellow Dreams

*** Ansonix – Konya – Escape From Synth City: The OST

*** Ansonix/Music The Gathering – Beltane Wedding Dance – LVL 1 – Underworld

*** scythe – Asakaze – Mirage Diary

*** Seanna – I Love You Too (feat. Raspdere) – I Love You Too

Kawaii Robot Shark – Spell Caster – Memories

Disasterpeace – Jump Error – Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar

*** pouale – Dementia Dance – Last Trip

Sabrepulse – The Rapture – First Crush

business pastel – palette cleanser – color wheel

Impulses – Distractions – Impulses

Joe Swensen – If You Happen to Cry, Your Dog will Comfort You – Melancholy With No Reason

chibi-tech – Outside The White Shadows – Psycho Somatic Generation

Video Games Live – Earthbound (Mother) Montage – Level 6

Video Games Live – Nier: Automata “A Beautiful Song” – Level 6

The 8-Bit Big Band – Lonely Rolling Star (Katamari Damacy) – Press Start!

Soft Hugs – Ame no Kaori – persimmons EP

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