Hey there folks! My name is Chris Torrey, veteran radio DJ, video game aficionado, and lover of all things nerdy. In my 7+ years of experience on the airwaves, I’ve been lucky enough to interview dozens of musicians and bands, fly around the country covering events, and help train over a thousand fledgling DJs in the art of radio broadcasting.


About a year ago, I realized I’d amassed this massive collection of over 300 video games, spanning PC, consoles and handhelds. But want to guess how many of those I’d actually beaten? If you guessed barely any, you’d get a Platinum Trophy. At that point it became painfully obvious to me I had an addiction to buying games on sale. Stuff I knew was quality and would be worth the cash, but I could never find the time to play.


Enter LAG Radio, your source for all things video game appreciation, chiptune idolatry, super sweet giveaways, and so much more. I treat the show like a book club but for video games, where each episode I cover a different video game in depth. I start by discussing the history and development cycle of the title, game design and all. Then I summarize the plot in full, spoiler-ific fashion. Afterwards is a brief section on the soundtrack of the game, coupled alongside tracks straight from the source. And finally, a wrap up with a hearty talk on the gameplay elements.


Some weeks we supplement the show with outstanding chiptune music from passionate fans of old-school video game sound. Think bleeps and bloops, but a little less traditional. Other weeks we cover related veins like trading card games and Japanese anime. After all, it’s good to have a little variety in your nerdy media diet.


Since LAG’s inception, I’ve already started to chip away at my lengthy game “To-Do” list. 10% down, a whole lot more to go… But we’ll get there. Come along with me for a week and we’ll slay your backlog of boss fights too.