Episode 43: Animal Crossing (N64/GCN)

Yooo! We had a fun flashback show this week in order to close out the first year of LAG Radio being on air. Good ol' Kazumi Totaka made a reliably outstanding, experimental soundtrack once more that is unique and also quite memorable. Not to mention the great work from the other talented composers too! Hope … Continue reading Episode 43: Animal Crossing (N64/GCN)

Episode 42: Pop’n Music Lapistoria

Hey all! This week on the show, we covered another one of my all-time favorite music-rhythm games. Straight from the company that basically pioneered the genre, Bemani (from Konami), Pop'n Music is a game that you use 9 palm-sized buttons you press in time with music. It looks deceptively cutesy and tame, but once you … Continue reading Episode 42: Pop’n Music Lapistoria

Episode 38: Bioshock

Hello once again everyone! I come bearing gifts. That is, a fresh playlist for your listening pleasure, should you have happened to miss last week's episode. We covered the iconic and indisputably outstanding achievement in gaming, the first and most impressive Bioshock. From creator Ken Levine, it spawned one helluva following, in no small part … Continue reading Episode 38: Bioshock