Episode 43: Animal Crossing (N64/GCN)

Yooo! We had a fun flashback show this week in order to close out the first year of LAG Radio being on air. Good ol' Kazumi Totaka made a reliably outstanding, experimental soundtrack once more that is unique and also quite memorable. Not to mention the great work from the other talented composers too! Hope … Continue reading Episode 43: Animal Crossing (N64/GCN)

Episode 42: Pop’n Music Lapistoria

Hey all! This week on the show, we covered another one of my all-time favorite music-rhythm games. Straight from the company that basically pioneered the genre, Bemani (from Konami), Pop'n Music is a game that you use 9 palm-sized buttons you press in time with music. It looks deceptively cutesy and tame, but once you … Continue reading Episode 42: Pop’n Music Lapistoria