Episode 41: Zelda/Bear McCreary

Hey all! Though I may have been halfway across the world for this episode, I did not leave you high and dry. For this episode, we had Henry from Nippon Overdrive take over and deliver a hefty playlist of Zelda tracks from across the ages. But in addition to all these amazing tracks by Koji … Continue reading Episode 41: Zelda/Bear McCreary

Artist Interview: Finishing Move Inc. (Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White)

Did you miss our hefty interview with Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White of Finishing Move Inc.? Well look no further! We discuss their work on the Crackdown 3 soundtrack as well as their sound design used in some of the biggest movies Hollywood's ever seen. https://kuci.org/wp/index.php/04/01/music-interviews/finishing-move-inc-brian-trifon-and-brian-lee-white/

Episode 18: Castlevania III/Super MadNES

LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW WITH SUPER MADNES HERE!! Hey all! I'm workin' on catching up to all the episodes I've been lagging (haha...) on, so please bear with! Here's the third episode of our First Annual Spooktober, spent discussing the rather challenging (sometimes frustratingly so) Castlevania III. It's quite different from your traditional Castlevania … Continue reading Episode 18: Castlevania III/Super MadNES