Review: The World Next Door

Viz Media is one of the most prolific names behind anime and manga distribution in the United States. Now the largest graphic novel publisher in the country, Viz has decided to stretch its legs and enter a new arena of media domination.   The World Next Door (Switch/PC/Mac) serves as Viz's debut as a video game publisher. … Continue reading Review: The World Next Door

Made In Abyss: Journey’s Dawn Review

  If you've kept up at all with anime releases in the past 2 years, you've likely heard of Made in Abyss. It premiered in 2017 from Kinema Citrus, an animation studio spawned from former members of well-known studios Production I.G. and Bones, and saw critical acclaim immediately. It drew high praise for the story's sense of … Continue reading Made In Abyss: Journey’s Dawn Review

Magic: The Gathering Art of Ravnica Review

LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE! When it comes to Magic's fan-favorite plane of Ravnica, there are numerous expectations to be met. For example, you can expect outstandingly detailed renditions of sprawling cityscapes and towering skyscrapers. You know there are going to be intense political struggles between rivaling factions with sometimes polar opposite ideologies. But at the … Continue reading Magic: The Gathering Art of Ravnica Review