Episode 57: Chiptune Hiatus #5

Hello hello again everyone! This week on the show we decided to mix it up and not specify a game soundtrack to cover. I wanted to take the time to spotlight some recently newly released chip tracks while also giving appropriate coverage to older tracks we haven't featured before. Hope you enjoyed! As usual, click … Continue reading Episode 57: Chiptune Hiatus #5

Episode 52: ChipWIN Vol. 8 Pt. 2 + Sam Takeover

Hey again friends! This week was a dump of delicious chip tracks wrapping up our coverage of the annual Chiptunes = WIN compilation, as well as one more trainee helping to close out the Summer quarter. Sammy brought a bunch of stuff from Starcraft, both new and old, as well as chiptune covers of some … Continue reading Episode 52: ChipWIN Vol. 8 Pt. 2 + Sam Takeover