Episode 59: Metroid Prime

Yoooo! You thought I'd forgotten about y'all, didn't you? Well surprise surprise, it's a holiday miracle. Here's the full playlist from the first episode to begin the Spooktober season, on the GameCube classic Metroid Prime. I was joined by our dear LAG brethren SparSpar and MorMor (Spartacus and Alex) to discuss the intricacies and details … Continue reading Episode 59: Metroid Prime

Episode 38: Bioshock

Hello once again everyone! I come bearing gifts. That is, a fresh playlist for your listening pleasure, should you have happened to miss last week's episode. We covered the iconic and indisputably outstanding achievement in gaming, the first and most impressive Bioshock. From creator Ken Levine, it spawned one helluva following, in no small part … Continue reading Episode 38: Bioshock