Episode 59: Metroid Prime

Yoooo! You thought I'd forgotten about y'all, didn't you? Well surprise surprise, it's a holiday miracle. Here's the full playlist from the first episode to begin the Spooktober season, on the GameCube classic Metroid Prime. I was joined by our dear LAG brethren SparSpar and MorMor (Spartacus and Alex) to discuss the intricacies and details … Continue reading Episode 59: Metroid Prime

Episode 54: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

And here we are, all caught up with this week's show too! My current obsession for the past month has been this gem of a title. A blend of traditional strategy RPG franchise Fire Emblem along with some Persona and Harry Potter vibes, Three Houses has really addictive gameplay and characters I'm genuinely interested in … Continue reading Episode 54: Fire Emblem: Three Houses