Episode 61: Silence of the Sleep

Hey all! I'm back for another playlist from this week's show on a relatively unknown indie title, Silence of the Sleep. Made by a one-man team, Jesse Makkonen, the story is about an individual who wakes up in a nightmarish casino resort and must escape from some nasty creatures and a doomed, unfulfilling existence. Though … Continue reading Episode 61: Silence of the Sleep

Episode 53: Castle Crashers

We back! Though I love hosting interns every quarter, it's certainly a welcome return when I get to do a full show solo. Hope you enjoyed our 53rd episode on air, this time covering/celebrating Castle Crashers Remastered, which was just announced to be releasing on the PS4 and Switch by year's end. I can't wait … Continue reading Episode 53: Castle Crashers

Episode 18: Castlevania III/Super MadNES

LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW WITH SUPER MADNES HERE!! Hey all! I'm workin' on catching up to all the episodes I've been lagging (haha...) on, so please bear with! Here's the third episode of our First Annual Spooktober, spent discussing the rather challenging (sometimes frustratingly so) Castlevania III. It's quite different from your traditional Castlevania … Continue reading Episode 18: Castlevania III/Super MadNES