Episode 58: Monster Hunter World

Oh hi there! Didn't notice you. Happy to see ya again. It's been a little bit, I know. But let's start this final quarter off strong. Yes, it's official. It's my last season on air. It's been a really tough decision to make, lots of mixed feelings all around, but it feels appropriate to end … Continue reading Episode 58: Monster Hunter World

Episode 49: Don’t Starve (Together)

Hellooo once more folks! I hope you enjoyed this week's playlist on one of the most addictive multiplayer (and single-player) games I've played in the past decade. Don't Starve, and the friendship-testing Don't Starve Together, are survival games based on constructing tools and items necessary to keep you fed, rested, healthy, and sane. The quirky … Continue reading Episode 49: Don’t Starve (Together)