Interview: Competitive Pokemon Battling

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Or actually, don’t read. Just listen to it.

As promised, I wanted to do an extended cut to supplement our recent episode on Pokemon Crystal by covering competitive Pokemon battling. Instead of doing a bunch of research and playing the armchair philosopher, I decided to consult an expert on the topic who has been in the trenches of (Poke)war.

Friend of the show and former host of Radio El Nopal, Miguel, joined me in-studio for an interview all about what the competitive scene is like, how you build a competitive team, what is ELO, Pokemon as an eSport, and all the intricate mind games you encounter. There is a TON of info to unpack here, so check the nearly hour-long segment below! And don’t forget to check out the 100% FREE resources Miguel mentioned in the episode, conveniently linked below as well.



Smogon University

Pokemon Showdown

Play! Pokemon Events/Video Game Competition (VGC)


The Garbadors

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