Episode 38: Bioshock

Hello once again everyone! I come bearing gifts. That is, a fresh playlist for your listening pleasure, should you have happened to miss last week’s episode. We covered the iconic and indisputably outstanding achievement in gaming, the first and most impressive Bioshock. From creator Ken Levine, it spawned one helluva following, in no small part due to the choice of music accompaniment. Similar to Cuphead, Bioshock exudes this aura of 30s, 40s, and 50s vibes, though does so via licensed tracks instead of originals. You’ve likely heard of some of the artists on this list before, but when played in context of the game, it becomes a most memorable experience indeed.

Note that the soundtrack was never sold with the licensed tracks, so clicking through the links below will lead you to a Youtube of those songs. Sorry! And make sure to click through all the brand new chip-based tracks that followed our Bioshock retrospective as well =]

Hope you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you soon for another fresh episode of LAG Radio!

*** denotes new release

Bobby Darin – Beyond The Sea – Bioshock Soundtrack

Billie Holiday – God Bless The Child – Bioshock Soundtrack

The Ink Spots – If I Didn’t Care – Bioshock Soundtrack  

The Andrews Sisters – Bei Mir Bist Du Schon – Bioshock Soundtrack

Johnnie Ray – Just Walkin’ The Rain – Bioshock Soundtrack

Django Reinhardt – La Mer – Bioshock Soundtrack

The Ink Spots – The Best Things In Life Are Free – Bioshock Soundtrack

Perry Como – Papa Loves Mambo – Bioshock Soundtrack

Patti Page – (How Much is) That Doggy in The Window – Bioshock Soundtrack

Mario Lanza – Danny Boy – Bioshock Soundtrack

Billie Holiday – Night And Day – Bioshock Soundtrack

Rosemary Clooney – It’s Bad For Me – Bioshock Soundtrack

Fats Waller – Jitterbug Waltz – Bioshock Soundtrack

Noel Coward – 20th Century Blues – Bioshock Soundtrack

Bing Crosby – Brother Can You Spare A Dime – Bioshock Soundtrack

Danny Thomas – It Had to Be You – Bioshock Soundtrack

Noel Coward – World Weary – Bioshock Soundtrack

Django Reindhardt – Liza – Bioshock Soundtrack

Bing Crosby – Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams – Bioshock Soundtrack

Sander Cohen/Ken Levine – Rise Rapture, Rise – Bioshock Soundtrack

*** Viridian Kurisu – I’m ready – Chip Bit Day 19: Friends & Fam

*** PULSING – Trillionage – Single

Andrea Baroni – Avenge Us – Single

*** Amerigo Gazaway – Another Day At The Office – Elevator Pitch (Original Game Soundtrack)

*** Antisun – The Darkness Spreads – Chip Bit Day 19: Friends & Fam

*** Darksky.curse – Appear:Princes.Ghost/Darksky – Darksky.exe

*** Gabryel “Dante” Rickheim – Start – Mirai

*** sdhizumi – ERIKA’S ROOM – last day of spring soundtrack

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